Artwrite Daily – A Fun Resource For Artists

ArtWrite is an eponymous e-book project which posts art from live artists on Instagram in the form of a daily post. It was founded by writer, illustrator and designer KevinFERUGuay. He used the opportunity of launching his e-book to make an impact on the online community and create a forum for artists around the world. Today Art Divide is one of the most popular places on the web where artists can upload their work and discuss it with fellow artists. If you love to showcase your own work, and have an interest in showcasing other peoples work, then you should definitely take a look at Art Divide. What are you still waiting for, go immediately to bet on league of legends now is the time to start playing and winning!

I got to know Art Writers On Instagram when one of my middle school students sent me a message about their art write up. They were so excited about the opportunity to show other young artists how much they loved their art and it was really touching how they went through all the effort to get that post. The inspiration behind their post was really important to them; they were inspired by a local high school student who was struggling with being accepted into college. His story was so inspiring that the student did not let anything stand in his way to achieving his dream. To hear how he overcame all the odds and how Artwrite Daily changed his life was something everyone who appreciates art should know.

The post called To Paint is Allday, A Day of Art was published just two days after the event. The inspiration behind the post was so inspiring that the young artist wanted to share it with the world using his very own platform on Art Divide. He spoke about how he used the platform to encourage other young artists across the nation to get up and be heard. Today, almost 20,000 readers have signed up to receive this inspiring daily message from Art Writers On Instagram.

In the last few years we have seen a huge surge in people turning to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to express themselves and connect with others. As social media becomes more popular and more people get online, there has been an increase in online art communities and activities. Many of these online art communities are used by high school students who are preparing for their artistic journey by taking art workshops, attending art events, and communicating with other artists on the art of social networks. One of these creative communities is Artwrite Daily, which was started by high school students Jacob Converse and Michael Norton.

Artwrite Daily is now one of the most popular art blogs in the country. The blog offers high school students the chance to share daily inspirational messages from an artist’s perspective. In this way, students are given a unique chance to learn from the experiences and work of professional artists on a daily basis. Through art, students are given the ability to express themselves creatively and have their thoughts and ideas listened to by others around them. By reading the daily art write-ups students gain insight on how other artists manage to maintain professional relationships while making art accessible to anyone who would love to learn.

Since its launch in 2009, Artwrite Daily has been offering high school students and young professionals writing prompts that inspire, educate and entertain. This is done through articles on a wide variety of topics such as art education, social media, creative process and much more. To add to the fun, students can upload their own art works for publication on the blog. Through this daily dose of inspiration, students are taught how to express themselves artistically and to create meaningful content that can be enjoyed by others. By reading the daily write up students can get a clear view on how other artists go about their daily routine.

This daily dose of creativity, inspiration and knowledge helps students become more knowledgeable about art writing in general. Furthermore, when students read the articles they are assigned, they also benefit from learning how other artists manage to maintain professional relationships while creating amazing art works. By reading and commenting on the writer’s blog, students can begin to develop their own sense of style and become inspired by other’s art work. Not only will this serve as an exceptional and helpful resource for current and future artists, but it can help them learn from the examples being shared.

For aspiring artists who would like to break into the world of art, but do not have the resources required, this is the ideal resource for daily encouragement and inspiration. In addition to writing daily articles, students can also submit their work to Art Submit, where they can display their work for potential buyers to see. Although the cost is minimal, being able to display your work with others gives you the self-confidence that you need to pursue your dream.